2019-03-14 23:57:27

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As part of Western Washington University’s comprehensive commitment to Western on the Peninsulas, WWU is aspiring to open a new Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Kitsap County.  Western will model the new Poulsbo SBDC after its highly successful center in Whatcom County which has been providing tools, training and resources to help small businesses grow and succeed since 1983. Through the years, hundreds of clients have been served by the Whatcom County SBDC which has saved or created thousands of jobs, while bringing millions of dollars in investment to the region.  SBDC’s are hosted by leading universities and are federally funded in part by the Small Business Administration. The remaining funding is sourced locally in the region from public and private sponsorships. WWU is excited to partner with Kitsap area businesses and individuals to establish this new office to give small businesses a competitive edge and boost economic impact in Kitsap County. Click here to see more

Help bring the WWU SBDC to Kitsap. Contact Tim Szymanowski to learn more.


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