2019-04-02 08:37:30

Eastern Shore Radio, Inc. was awarded the Business of the Year award last Wednesday at the Northampton County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting at the 1731 Courthouse in Eastville. Accepting the award for the station was Will Russell.

WESR owner Charlie Russell said, “We are very appreciative of receiving the Business of the Year award from the Northampton Chamber of Commerce. While I realize we are not physically located in Northampton County, we have been serving Northampton for 61 years as an Eastern Shore of Virginia radio station. That means both Accomack and Northampton counties. We try hard to cover events and news shore wide and our listeners in the southern county are very important to us. I thank the board of directors for honoring us and will always strive to do everything we can to serve the needs of the residents of Northampton.”   Russell continued, “Even though we have trouble getting a strong signal in the very southern end of Northampton at times, we are now always available on Alexa and Google Home along with the Eastern Shore Radio App. Anyone who wants to keep up on local news and events can do so anytime anywhere.”



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