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Videos don’t have to be an expensive endeavor, either. Vidyard’s Chalk Talk explainer series cost one bucket of colored chalk and a couple of hours. But if you do invest in a video marketing platform, you can take things one step further by adding calls to action (CTAs) to videos to capture more leads and keep people engaged.


2. Close more deals

You might expect that video’s great advantage is it lets sales reps break through to cold prospects. But companies like League and LeadIQ have discovered that videos grow more and more effective as the sale progresses.

Their sales reps, like those at many other SMBs, use videos to:

Sales reps who send personal videos report that prospects recognize them at events, despite having never met.

Their prospects share videos with the entire buying committee and feel a greater personal attachment because video creates relationships. As a result, video earns 3x more responses and, in some cases, cuts deal cycles in half.

Getting started is simple, too. Your team can easily record and share videos with tools like this free GoVideo chrome extension.


3. Retain more customers

The fun, effective, and bond-building explanations that make video great for sales and marketing also make it a good fit for customer support.

Customer support managers at startups like Miovision and Dynatrace respond to clients’ questions with video walk-throughs and offer onboarding video libraries that increase renewal rates.

With video, support reps can answer questions quickly without sacrificing value, increasing customer satisfaction. Plus, each video is a quasi-face-to-face interaction that strengthens the relationship.

Customer service managers can use video to:


Grow further with video

The more customers learn to tune out spam, the more effective video becomes. Video allows you to signal that you’re a real person too, and to connect in ways that attract and retain more customers — no matter how many robo-calls they get.


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