2019-09-12 21:56:15

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The United States Department of Agriculture is helping West Virginia small businesses reach full potential.

The USDA Rural Development office teamed up with the Small Business Administration and held a small business lending forum Thursday morning in Fairmont.

Several government agencies including the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Department of the Treasury were on hand to teach business owners about all the options available for getting the money they need to grow their businesses.

“And we do joint lender visits now. We do joint events like this to make sure that folks know how our assets and funds can be used together,” said USDA State Director of Rural Development Kris Warner. “It’s working out very well. We’re seeing increased business activity here in West Virginia due to our relationship with the SBA.”

Warner said that his department began working closely with the SBA after President Trump made it clear after he was elected, that federal agencies must work together.

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