2019-10-26 10:07:30

Florida is a popular place to operate a small business, according to a new study.

“Nationwide, 23 percent of people are reporting some income from small businesses, but in Florida 28 percent of tax filers are saying that some of their income is coming from small businesses.”

A.J. Smith, Vice President of Financial Education with SmartAsset shares details from the latest study of the top places for small business owners.

“This can be helpful to people who are thinking, ‘I want to open up a small business, but are people really successful at that?’ This is a way to see relatively how many people are involved in small businesses.”

The Panhandle owns the top 2 spots, with Franklin County at number 1 and Walton County at number 2. At number 3, comes a South Florida county.

“13 percent of all income reported in Miami-Dade is coming from small businesses.”

She says 40 percent of everyone earning an income in Miami-Dade earn some of that money from a small businesses.

Monroe and Collier counties rank 4th and 5th, respectively, with Palm Beach up next.

“Palm Beach County in particular ranks number 6 out of the 67 counties in Florida. They outperformed both statewide and national averages for both the proportion of small business owners within a county and the amount of small business income generated in that county.”

35 percent of the people earning an income in Palm Beach get at least some of it from a small business while, just like Miami-Dade to the south, 13 percent of all income reported comes from small businesses.

The top 10 is rounded out by Broward (7), Sarasota (8), Martin (9) and Lee (10).

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