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NFIB in New Jersey has tracked their small business votes

TRENTON, Sept. 27, 2019 – Twenty New Jersey legislators were named Guardians of Small Businesses by NFIB today, the state’s leading small business association. The honor is based purely on the lawmakers voting records on key small business issues during the latest legislative session. Recipients of the coveted award have worked to protect and to support the small businesses across New Jersey by voting to stop bad legislation and vote for good bills. 

“It’s no secret that New Jersey is a difficult place to start or grow a small business. Thankfully some lawmakers continue to work every day in the Capitol to address our tax burden, reform our regulatory environment, and create an economic environment, that invites investment and small businesses growth,” said Laurie Ehlbeck NFIB’s state director in New Jersey

The Guardian of Small Business Award is the organizations most prestigious honor that NFIB bestows on legislators in recognition of their efforts to support small business issues and their passionate advocacy in Trenton on behalf of small and independently owned companies.

“These lawmakers have been staunch allies and strong leaders, working hard to stand behind small business owners in their districts and statewide,” added Ehlbeck. “We are very grateful for that consistent support and a commitment to small business.”

The Guardians of Small Business are listed below. NFIB’s New Jersey Voting Record for members of Assembly and Senate is available by CLICKING HERE. 


Jon M. Bramnick, District 21

Anthony M. Bucco, District 25

Nancy F. Munoz, District 21

Ryan Peters, District 8

Parker Space, District 24

Harold J. Wirths, District 24

Robert Auth, District 39

Robert D. Clifton, District 12

Ronald S. Dancer, District 12

Christopher P. DePhillips, District 40

John DiMaio, District 23

Serena DiMaso, District 13

DiAnne C. Gove, District 9

Sean T. Kean, District 30

Gregory P. McGuckin, District 10

Erik Peterson, District 23

Kevin J. Rooney, District 40

Brian E. Rumpf, District 9

Edward H. Thomson, District 30

Jay Webber, District 26


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