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The distinctive vehicles of Best Buy Canada’s Geek Squad are a regular reminder of the company’s reputation for addressing technical issues for consumers and business customers by phone, online and in person, 24/7. The recent national launch of Geek Squad Business Membership adds a new layer of customer care to those offerings, addressing the specific needs of smaller businesses employing up to 15 people.

“We’re building on the success of our home membership plan by expanding to focus on small businesses,” says Mat Povse, senior vice-president, retail and Geek Squad Services at Best Buy Canada. “These businesses aren’t scaled to the size where they have their own tech support staff, but they have real needs for ongoing, comprehensive technical support at their fingertips at a predictable price.”

Almost half of all businesses in Canada already have a purchasing relationship with Best Buy, according to the company’s research. A common challenge for small business is technical hurdles that can impact the operations of their business if they aren’t addressed quickly.

“Companies served by Geek Squad Business Membership include mom and pop retailers, medical offices, service providers and contractors,” says Povse. “We were surprised to learn that many of these companies weren’t generally located in large urban centres — they are in smaller communities and rural areas. They face the choice of troubleshooting technical problems themselves or reaching out to someone else.”

For many of these customers, “reaching out” might mean relying on service providers who offer limited support, restricted business hours and little capability to handle issues remotely.

“Our small business customers need service quickly,” says Povse. “They can’t leave their equipment at the shop for days or wait at a service desk while their business is put on hold. They’re typically looking for someone to address their needs in a half hour to two hours.”

Best Buy Canada was already positioned to offer that level of service, with hundreds of highly trained Geek Squad agents across the country. A dedicated Geek Squad Business Membership phone line ensures the responsiveness these small business customers need.

Service packages include unlimited remote support 24/7 by phone or web chat — which tends to solve most technical problems — and seven hours of on-site support each year, including an initial two-hour site visit within 48 hours of sign-up. Customers also have access to special pricing and services through the Best Buy for Business online platform. Pricing ranges from $49.99 per month for businesses with five employees or less, to $119.99 for 11 to 15 employees.

“During on-site service we’ve assisted with anything from setting up televisions and concealed speakers in the waiting room of a medical office to adjusting digital signage for retailers,” says Povse. “Off-site, we’re getting equipment to talk to each other, setting up w-fi, securing devices against viruses, removing malware, initiating cloud-based data backup systems and recovering lost or forgotten passwords. Often, we’re simply asked to set up web mail for a new website.”

One early convert to Geek Squad Business Membership is STRIVE Recruitment, a premiere staffing solutions company headquartered in Vancouver. The growing company had been actively searching for a reputable, local company that could support its tech and hardware needs.

“We employ a small team of dedicated recruitment professionals who depend on their devices to work as hard as they do,” says STRIVE’s founder, Michael Dha. “We also manage a handful of desktop computers that we offer to job candidates to work on their resumés. We need to ensure that all of our devices are connected and, with non-staff using our computers, it’s a top priority to ensure that all of our information is secured.”

STRIVE also operates a boardroom and several meeting rooms that require audio and video support.

“With a Best Buy store located just around the corner and a direct link to remote support from Geek Squad, we no longer worry about down time due to technical issues,” says Dha. “Our systems are secure, and the service we receive is delivered at a predictable price.”

Geek Squad Business Membership provides a range additional services such as setting up office security camera systems or installing smart locks on office doors.

“We’ll even help with onboarding new employees, by setting up the technology in their offices so that everything is ready when the new person arrives,” says Povse. “If there’s tech involved, Geek Squad Business Membership will handle it, from coast to coast.”

This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Best Buy Canada.

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