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Necessity is the mother of invention.

Now add a little fabric and fashion to what is necessary and you have a sleeve that women with breast cancer can wear to protect the intravenous line during chemotherapy treatments.

Queen for a Day

Music Maker Studio provided entertainment for the Queen for a Day event including these students here who formed the band Set ‘N Stone. SUBMITTED PHOTO 

So, instead of a cold plastic bandage and sterile white mesh provided by the hospital women can wear the designer sock (PICC Line Cover) that is warm and fashionable.

And how about colorful head wrap for women who have lost their hair during their cancer treatments or a shoulder wrap that patients can wear over their hospital gown?

When a woman looks good she feels better too.

Just ask the ladies who tried the fashion accessories out while attending Queen for a Day, a free event for women currently undergoing cancer treatments at Valentina’s Posh Palace in Shelby Township.

“It was the first time we hosted the event and we are definitely doing it again,” said Karen MacDonald of Shelby Township and owner of WrappedInLove.com, an online store that sells the fashion accessories and attire designed to make life while undergoing cancer treatments a little easier to bear.

“We had about 50 women, of all ages and with all types of cancer that attended it,” MacDonald said of the event that was organized by her and her cousin, Valentina Kaspari, who owns the boutique where the inaugural event was held.

“Val and I wanted to host an event to celebrate the courageous women who are going through this challenging time and not just breast cancer (patients) but all cancers,” explained MacDonald. “We know so many people who have, or have had cancer, including my mom who was the inspiration behind WrappedInLove.com.”

Theresa MacDonald died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma but not before putting up a fight. When she was in the hospital she asked her family and friends not to visit her because of how she looked as a result of her illness. However, knowing that visitors are good medicine her daughter came up with a comfortable and colorful shoulder wrap that she could toss over her hospital gown.

So, she would feel better about herself, and about greeting visitors.

Queen for a Day

A woman has her nails done during Queen for a Day. SUBMITTED PHOTO

“The nurses told me she lit right up when she put it on,” MacDonald said. “It restored her dignity and made her feel special.”

It’s this response that inspired MacDonald to start a small business that creates and produces items for cancer patients. MacDonald is the first to admit some of the ideas came from cancer patients and have been around for a while. She just added her touch to them. Others are original designs that she came up with after brainstorming with cancer support groups. These same women who offer up ideas have worked with MacDonald on advertising campaigns and modeling events.

Some were queens for the day, at the free event organized by MacDonald and Kaspari. In addition to several free gifts and a fashion show of sorts, guests were treated to free makeovers and manicures that included important information about how to care for their skin and nails during treatments. This was provided via the mobile salon courtesy of Studio 9 Salon.

The ladies also enjoyed the music of Set ‘N’ Stone, a group formed by students from Music Maker Studio, who provided the entertainment along with coupons for 10% off in the store.

They were also fed during their day of pampering with edibles donated by Nino Salvagio, Detroit Grille House, Jet’s Pizza and sweets from The Secret Ingredient.

“It was a fun and informative event and it was wonderful working with my cousin,” said MacDonald, who is already working on ideas for next year’s event.

“We hope that those that can attend will find it enjoyable, one in which they feel like they are being treated like a queen,” said Kaspari.

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