2019-09-28 01:07:30

A brewery in South Glens Falls is rising from the ashes. After a devastating fire, work is underway to rebuild Common Roots Brewing Company. 

Currently, the groundwork is being laid for what will become the new home for the business. Constructions comes six months after flames ripped through their original brewery and tap room in May. 

The rubble left behind has been replaced with towering steel beams. In a matter of months, they plan to move into a space bigger and better suited to serve community members whose loyalty helped this small business survive. 

“This is how we always envisioned it and it was supposed to be a community project. It was supposed to be sustainable, innovative, making great quality beers everyone could enjoy,” said Christian Weber, co-founder of Common Roots Brewing Company.

Christian runs the business with his father, Bert, but extended family has helped keep the operations running.

“To make sure everyone was kept whole in terms of benefits and insurance and payroll and salary,” Christian said.

The new space will be three times larger than the original. It will have a full service restaurant and brewery separated only by a glass wall so visitors can see beer being brewed.

A fire so devastating could have easily destroyed any small business, but the Webers don’t like to waste anything, especially not this experience.  

“Having a fire that really made us homeless for about six weeks before we were able to open a temporary location, we can really say now this is truly a brewery the community built,” Christian said.

The overwhelming support has prompted them to create a charitable foundation separate from the company to support other families and businesses dealing with adversity. The rebuilding process has reaffirmed this company’s commitment to community and the neighbors who refused to let it wither away. 

“We’ve kind of been able to keep our eyes on what we feel like is most important in terms of our values,” Christian said.

The total cost of this project is more than $5 million. The Webers hope to open their new location next May. 

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