2019-04-02 19:36:06

Concerned about the impact paid family and medical leave will have on your business?

State lawmakers will soon act on legislation mandating 12-14 weeks annual paid leave at 100% of salary, capped at $1,000 weekly, for all private sector workers in Connecticut.

Paid FMLA small business impactEmployers will shoulder additional administrative burdens involved with juggling new workforce demands to accommodate employees on leave while continuing to provide non-wage benefits for employees absent for up to three months annually.

Connecticut’s proposed leave benefits are far richer than those in neighboring states, while the eligibility threshold is low.

Employees need only earn a minimum $2,325 in any of the five previous quarters to qualify for leave. In fact, they need not even be employed to take leave.

Lawmakers must hear directly from you.

  • Tell them mandatory paid leave represents a significant financial hardship and will raise costs, putting small businesses like yours at an even greater competitive disadvantage.
  • Tell them you operate on extremely thin margins and any increase in costs hurts. If enacted, the paid leave program could lead to layoffs, reductions in employee benefits, or other cost-cutting measures.
  • A one-size-fits-all mandate like this doesn’t recognize the difficult environment in which small businesses operate.
  • Small businesses are in a battle for survival every day and need lawmakers to get rid of those things hurting their ability to create jobs and grow, rather than adding more barriers.
  • The last thing government should be doing right now is adding to the already high cost of doing business in Connecticut.
  • Tell lawmakers Connecticut small businesses simply cannot afford paid FMLA and ask them to support exempting small businesses from this legislation.

Act now and make your voice heard!

For more information, please contact CBIA’s Shannon King (860.244.1929).

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