2019-03-10 09:56:15

I am writing in response to the “Our Town” series in the Feb. 24 Sunday LNP about Akron (“Park place”). I am disappointed that longtime Akron businesses that continue to thrive for two to three generations were not mentioned. As wife of the owner of E-Z Service, I see firsthand the struggles and dedication my husband deals with to keep a small business thriving.

The owners of E-Z Service, Melron Industries and Glick’s Auto Body & Towing grew up in Akron, following in their fathers’ and grandfathers’ footsteps by continuing to provide honest, prompt auto repair, heating oil, gasoline, towing and plumbing to Akron and surrounding areas.

These three businesses are proud to carry on the family business and have chosen to keep Akron as their home office. I know local residents appreciate their services, and I felt they were overlooked in this article.

Karen Ehrhart

Warwick Township

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