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Goochland’s Spoonhower pro small business

Neil Spoonhower is the best candidate to represent District 2 on the Board of Supervisors and will keep Goochland on the right course of managed growth and low tax rates. A former Marine, Spoonhower has poured himself into community involvement, serving on the board of Goochland Cares as well as serving as vice chair of the Board of Zoning Appeals. Spoonhower and his wife are small-business owners with their business based right here in the county. He has worked tirelessly since announcing his campaign to meet the folks of District 2, listening to concerns and offering ideas and suggestions to keep our county moving forward. We have been very fortunate to have great leadership in our district under Manuel Alvarez Jr. these past few years. Spoonhower is the best choice, and the right choice, to continue that strong leadership.

Creasey well-suited to be Goochland sheriff

It has been my privilege and high honor to serve as Goochland County sheriff for the past 28 years. I am retiring at the end of the year, and on Nov. 5 Goochlanders will vote for the person best suited to take on this very important position. Without hesitation, I am proud to recommend and endorse the ablest candidate to succeed me, Steven Creasey.

Creasey has the requisite skills and abilities to lead Goochland into the future. For the past 24 years, he has been on the front lines, day and night, working to protect our homes and families from those who would do us harm. In addition, he has been an integral part of our budget team; he has trained and supervised dozens of our deputies; he has assisted with the hiring of new deputies and dispatchers; he has supervised our 911 center; he has taught CPR to hundreds of deputies, EMTs and firefighters; and on his own time, he has earned a master’s degree from Liberty University.

Most importantly, Creasey is a man of honesty and integrity, essential qualities for the county’s chief law enforcement officer. In short, his work history, education, training and dedication to Goochland County are second to none.

Protecting environment important to Willett

Virginia voters have an important decision to make this Election Day: Are we going to elect lawmakers who will serve our state’s biggest corporate polluters, or will we choose leaders who will stand up to these entrenched special interests and act to protect our air and water?

A rather stark contrast is emerging in the race for the 73rd House District seat, a vacant seat being sought by Republican Mary Margaret Kastelberg and Democrat Rodney Willett.

While Willett has sworn off donations from large corporate polluters like Dominion Energy, Kastelberg counts among some of her most generous individual donors Dominion’s top brass, including the company’s CEO Tom Farrell. Kastelberg also holds between $50,000 and $250,000 of the electric monopoly’s stock, which means she’d benefit financially from Dominion.

We need to elect lawmakers who will put our interests ahead of corporate polluters’ bottom lines.

This is why I’m voting for Rodney Willett. He’ll do the right thing for our environment by protecting our clean air and water and holding big corporate polluters accountable.

Voting for Kastelberg is the same as giving foxes like Dominion the keys to the henhouse when it comes to how they’re regulated, how much money the corporation receives from its customer base, or if they ever have to worry about cutting toxic air pollution from their fleet of power plants.

Rodney Willett is the clear choice in this race for voters who care about their families’ health, clean air and water, a healthy democratic process, and the future of our planet.

Reader supports Peace

as write-in candidate

With the upcoming election in the 97th District, we are being told we need to support the delegate simply because he has “R” next to his name. Why, I ask, would I do that? Hanover Supervisor Scott Wyatt’s political background consists of nothing more than helping his developer buddies at the expense of good planning; we sit in that congestion every day. He has served one term on the Board of Supervisors in Hanover County.

Here is what you will lose by choosing to vote Scott Wyatt into the House of Delegates seat. The current holder of the seat, Republican Chris Peace, has 14 years of experience serving and representing the all the people of the 97th District in the House of Delegates. He understands the ins and outs of getting legislation moved through the committees and getting them into law. Fourteen years of experience will be gone. Peace serves on the prominent Appropriations Committee as well as the General Laws and Health, Welfare and Institutions committees. Our representation in these committees will be gone. All of this and more will be lost in an election that needs this type of leadership.

Chris Peace is a Republican; writing him in will help ensure continued conservative representation that we can count on.

These are extraordinary times, and we need the leadership Peace can provide. I will be writing in Chris Peace on Nov. 5, and my hope is that voters will take the time to research and understand what will be lost if Peace is not re-elected.

These candidates

are strong advocates

In less than two weeks, I will go to my local election polling station and vote. I, along with others in my community, have the opportunity to vote for three women to lead our community. I urge voters to vote for these women.

For the Hanover Board of Supervisors, I look to the precedent of thoughtful leadership that has emerged by the two women who already hold board seats. I know that my choice, Clara James Scott, will work seamlessly with these two women as well as the other elected officials on the board of supervisors.

For the Virginia State Senate District 12 seat, I will be voting for Randolph-Macon professor Debra Rodman. She has proved to be a strong and compassionate voice for her current constituents in the 73rd District in the Virginia House of Delegates. She will do the same for us in the Virginia Senate.

For the Virginia House of Delegates District 55 seat, I am voting for Morgan Goodman. Her passion and professionalism will be an asset and she will be an advocate for us all.

I have seen these three candidates together as well as individually and I know that they are our best chance to be represented by people who really listen. They also will be transparent and will seek community input. In short, they will partner with each other as well as our community to help lead us into the future. We voters in western Hanover County face challenges to keep up with emerging technology and resources. Our current representation has left us behind, and these women have the education, business experience and determination to help us move forward.

Chase supports small-business owners

In a recent Letter to the Editor, the correspondent wrote that small business owners in Virginia are impacted by expensive taxes and cost of health care. This problem can be combated by voting for Sen. Amanda F. Chase, R-Chesterfield, in the General Assembly election. Chase’s business policies include making small businesses prosper without having expensive taxes, fees and health care costs. CNBC selected Virginia as top in the nation for business in 2019 and, according to Business News Daily, “There are nearly 725,000 small businesses [in Virginia which] employ … 47% of all private sector employees.’’ The article also mentions Virginia’s tax sales are the most complex in the nation, resulting in too much government tax regulation. To fight this, Chase became chief patron of SB 20, a bill to “administer a three-year regulatory reduction … aimed at reducing 25% of the regulations and regulatory requirements,’’ as stated by the Virginia Legislative Information System, to lessen government taxation on small businesses.

For the future, Chase is proposing a transparency health care bill that would force providers to give clients estimated costs before services rendered, helping owners choose the best affordable coverage. Chase also supported health care bills that allow owners to give temporary insurance to someone who’s unemployed. Even the Virginia Chamber of Commerce recognized Chase as a “Distinguished Advocate for Virginia businesses” due to her commitment to opposing taxes, high fees and health care costs for small businesses. If you own a small business, vote for Amanda Chase to fight for you.

Fowler ignores voices of constituents

More than 80% of people in Virginia support the Equal Rights Amendment, the bill to protect women from workplace and other discrimination. But few Virginians know that it isn’t yet law and that only one more state is needed to adopt it. Virginia has the chance to be that state. It would be an accomplishment about which all Virginians could feel proud.

Del. Buddy Fowler, R-Hanover, voted to kill the ERA bill in committee and keep it from the floor of the General Assembly in the last term. By refusing to even let it come to a vote, he is in effect sabotaging the rights of women all over the country. As a female veteran who was disgusted by his vote said, “I defended this country but now they won’t defend me.” Equally concerning, Fowler apparently feels entitled to hijack his constituents’ wishes by not letting the General Assembly vote on it. On Nov, 5, voters have the opportunity to let Fowler know how they feel about representatives who ignore the overwhelming opinion of their districts. Let’s elect Morgan Goodman, a mother, a scientist and a candidate who promises to actively represent the people of her district.

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