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Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

Andy Golden: I enjoy the challenge. It’s a different puzzle every day. You get what you put into it.

Vince Golden: I like it because we’re going after the value-added product that has been taken away from Cambria County. We have raw products, and they all leave. Nothing is being manufactured, and the money is not circulating around here. Anything that I can do to increase the income here helps the local area.

What do you credit your business’ success to?

Andy: Probably tenacity. Starting a small business in rural America is not easy. Just getting after it every day and not wanting to quit.

Vince: Wanting to do something different and better.

What advice would you give

to new or burgeoning entrepreneurs?

Andy: It’s one thing to start production for a product, and it’s another thing being able to sell that. So learn how you’re going to produce something for customers, but then also research how you’re going to get it to those customers.

How do you define success?

Andy: I think there are multiple

facets of it. One is an income that you can live off of and support your family comfortably. There should be job satisfaction, and then a legacy – how you leave this earth better for the next generation.

Vince: Legacy. Building something that is worth transferring to the next generation is important.

What was the most significant turning point in the success of your business?

Andy: It would have been when we started selling more malt than we could produce. We knew that we were on to something and we had to expand.

Which individuals were the most influential in your success and why?

Andy: My father has played a big role in this, and then close friends and family. If you’re married, you can’t have a successful business unless you have a very supportive spouse. My wife understands the heart and the soul that I put into everything.

Vince: I would say ditto on the spouse. My wife was very supportive over the years.

What is your legacy that you want to leave behind?

Andy: A sustainable business that if my children choose to follow in my footsteps, they would be able to. And when I mean sustainable, I want to have as low as an impact on the environment as possible when it comes to production.

Vince: Producing a good, healthy product that people need and appreciate that makes a difference in their lives, and it’s local. 

Ronald Fisher is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter @FisherSince_82.

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