2019-03-07 23:03:45

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A change in parking could spell the end for a group of small businesses in University Park. Now those business owners are launching a fight against the city and are asking their customers to join them.

The area is called the Miracle Mile, but the only miracle is navigating the blocks without gridlock. A possible solution to the traffic, however, could be devastating for the small businesses. Owners fear the city will widen Lovers Lane and eliminate their street- side parking.

“It would cut the parking in half, which, it’s already a struggle now,” says Steve Thatcher, owner of Drip Coffee Company. “We would all be out of business. We would be shut down for sure.”

“If they take out more parking, I’m 100 percent sure I’m going to be out of my business,” says Rena Kim, owner of Yummy Donuts.

“There’s just not enough spots already, especially during peak hours. People are going to get frustrated and go somewhere else,” says Drip customer Michael G. Dyson.

The merchants are circulating a petition opposing the so-called Miracle Mile renovation, and they’ve gathered hundreds of signatures. A city spokesperson calls the panic premature.

“This is really in the very beginning stages of us listening to all of the stakeholders – the merchants, the owners, area neighbors, and the traveling public,” says Steve Mace, Director of Communications and Marketing for the City of University Park.

He says the city hopes to come up with a collaborative way to improve the area – with the added bonus of Dallas County potentially footing some of the bill. Business owners say – just leave it as it is.

“There’s just no need to do it. It’s not necessary,” says Thatcher.

City leaders will start the listening tour with stakeholders the week of March 25. Any changes would be at least a year or two away.

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