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Several of us at the Tip of the Mitt SCORE chapter for the last several years have helped the Petoskey High School DECA club.

The DECA program was founded in 1946. Its goal is to prepare students in business areas such as marketing, finance, hospitality and management. The DECA program exists in all 50 states as well as globally. The Petoskey High School DECA club has been very successful competing against high-school chapters in Michigan and international DECA organizations. Petoskey High School teacher Casie Parker leads the school’s DECA program. The SCORE chapter mentors help students rehearse their presentations, and we are proud to be offered the opportunity to help the students. Their energy is contagious.

Small business makes up about 50 percent of non-farm gross domestic product in the United States, and the DECA program is a feeder of entrepreneurs. One former DECA student, Stuart Green, owns a successful website company, Teras Media. This enterprise continues to prosper while Stuart is attending college.

Small businesses, a significant part of the foundation of our country, provide the bulk of our SCORE activity in Northern Michigan. Opening, managing, and maintaining a small business is difficult. We reinforce the effort required to owning a business to DECA students as well as clients who are potential business owners. Forty-hour workweeks are not to be.

If your son or daughter is a member of DECA, thank you for supporting them. It takes time and money to support their need for supplies and travel expenses. Please continue to encourage them to “follow their dream.” In fact, the DECA program is supported by many local small businesses. Also, please help promote DECA by encouraging other students to consider participating.

We are seeing local business owners/founders beginning to pass their successful operations to their sons and daughters. DECA is a great way to prepare the next generation of owners. Obviously, any business education is a good tool to have in their toolbox.

You, as a prospective or current business owner, can contact SCORE at SCORE.org or call the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce at (231) 347-4150 to schedule an appointment for counseling, advice or other assistance.

Petoskey resident Bill Collins spent nearly 40 years in management and executive roles in the automotive industry, and is now a volunteer business mentor with SCORE’s Tip of the Mitt chapter. The “Scoring in Business” columns written by SCORE mentors appear the first and third Tuesdays of each month on the Business page.

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