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Local, community-focused banks are woven into the fabric of every town despite their size and location. Today, there are more banking options than ever before, but local financial institutions are just as–perhaps even more so–crucial to the success and vibrancy of the communities and businesses they serve. So when opening a business banking account and building that relationship, there are many crucial things to consider.

Are your lenders experienced? Can you trust them?

You wouldn’t go to a doctor who didn’t have experience with the types of symptoms you were experiencing, so why would you trust your money with someone who wasn’t experienced in business banking?

Trusting your lender and knowing they have your business’s best interest at heart can provide a lot of relief. At Community Bank, all business accounts are personally assigned a “Community Bank Business Development Officer” to offer advice and assist in tailoring their products and services to ideally suit your company’s needs.

“It always comes back to our people, our team,” said Patrick O’Brien, Community Bank President & CEO. “Our lenders are experienced and talented. More so, they truly have a heart and desire to partner with local businesses and to help them succeed. Our team, coupled with our flexibility and rapid turnaround, make us a “bank of choice” for business banking in our area.”

They’re invested in the community you’re serving.

The concept of “shop local” has really come to the forefront of local consumer’s minds in recent years. As of September 2017, it was recorded that 75 percent of consumers planned to “shop local” for the holiday season. By utilizing a bank that also serves and knows your local customer, you are allowing yourself to be more ingrained within the local community where you live and work.

“We know that when the businesses of our community thrive, our economy, communities and in turn, our citizens thrive,” said O’Brien. “Community Bank is dedicated to partnering with business owners to assist them with one of the most important and complex aspects of their business: their finances. We at Community Bank do that well every day. We are honored to serve the business community!”

“At Community Bank, we are immersed in all of the communities that we serve,” said O’Brien. “Corporately, we donate thousands of dollars back to the nonprofit organizations that so vitally serve the needs of our citizens.

We also have a distinctive program, Community Bank Cares, where we give back to local churches and nonprofits based on our customers’ preference. Equally important, our team members give back many hours through their service on boards and as part of the activities of our local churches, nonprofits and economic development organizations.”

Community Bank, originally named First National Bank, opened in July 1, 1901 to serve local residents and businesses, providing essential financial and banking services that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the region. They had the model of “We are friends, your neighbors, your partners in progress. We are your Community Bank,” back then and they still do today.

“Please contact us,” said O’Brien. “Call, visit one of our branches or visit our website. Our staff is well prepared to assist you in making the switch to what we strongly believe will be a superior and refreshing experience for your business banking needs. We even have a group of our team specially trained as “Community Bank Concierges” that are specifically focused on the nuances of helping companies integrate smoothly into our bank.”

To learn more about Community Bank and their business banking options, please visit communitybank.tv, stop by one of their 24 branches across the tri-state area or call 1-888-223-8099.

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