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Social media is our go-to space for recommendations, be it where to eat, how to dress, what to do, or which movie to watch next. In this digital era, it is critical for a customer-facing business to get its social media strategy in place to take on competition and make an indelible impression, keeping in mind your target audience’s fleeting attention span.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others have not only become the main source of communication for netizens but platforms that help businesses reach their target customers. This is why companies, B2B or B2C, medium, small, or large are funneling significant sums of their marketing budget into getting a solid social media game in place.

But in all this online flurry, a small business may find it difficult to get its voice and USP out, especially in the face of tough competition from deep-pocketed competitors. And while Gen Z, the digital natives, may be born in an era of social media, older entrepreneurs may find it difficult to make sense of it all and may miss out on a whole segment of their audience by not going online. 

But, worry not. SMBStory has drawn a list of pro tips to boost your small business through social media:

Choose the right network: 

We are all aware that there are various social media networking sites where people create their business page and run advertorials. However, selecting the right network to showcase your business is important. 

It does not make sense to spend time and resources creating marketing content for a network where your target audience is absent. Therefore, selecting the right and the ideal medium is essential if you want to boost your business through social media. You can pick and choose various social media channels to target a different set of customers.

If you are a small business entrepreneur, you must know which social media site your potential audience is using. This is where the age of your target audience matters. Older generation may be present on Facebook, while Instagram may be the place to go to find your younger audiences. 

Set a plan:

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Hence, as a small business owner, if you wish to hit your target customer and generate business leads, you must have an action plan ready.

As an entrepreneur, your goal should be relatable, specific, timely, measurable, and achievable. 

You must refrain from setting unrealistic targets for yourself and focus more on raising your conversion rate rather than spiking likes and follows. 

Various social media platforms like Facebook give you certain tools to expand business reach, frequency, or to double down on the depth of business, which you can widely use. 

Create engaging content:

It is rightly said, ‘Content is King’. Hence, your content has to be really powerful. Try experimenting with your content by using text, infographics, pictures, and videos. People engage with content that is captivating, else your brand’s messaging will not even stand out for a social media user who is mindlessly scrolling through their feeds. 

According to Twitter’s internal data, people are three times more likely to engage with tweets that have visual elements like a video, photo, infographic, or GIF.

Consistency is key

Creating a presence on social media is not a one-off activity but a continued effort that pays off from consistency. Constant engagement with your target audience will ensure your business’ online presence grows and timely posts will enable brand recall. 

Do not overspend

Many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by seeing the kinds of marketing tools social media sites offer. However, you need not use them all. You have to be conscious of where to use money and where to milk free tools. Social media influencers can be used but sparingly; not in a way that becomes obvious these online personalities are promoting your brand (all at the same that too) because they are being paid for it. This creates distrust and suspicion in the minds of very online-savvy customers.

Promoting your business on social media is all about networking and building relationships. Thus, try keeping a focus on your target audience and engage them with your content consistently. Be sure that you are there to offer value to your customers in order to truly stand out amidst all the din. 

(Edited by Evelyn Ratnakumar)

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