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There are many factors that small business owners consider when bringing on their accountant or business advisor. A lot has to do with the advisor themselves – their personality, values, experience levels and more. Below we have listed four key qualities business owners are looking for in their small business advisors. 

#1 Long-Term Mentality

Talented business advisors must be able to not only identify goals for the business, but set goals to stay on track and see them through. This comes from talking to your potential client about where they see themselves going, not only in their business but in their personal life as well. Forecasting quality is crucial since smart planning can help you to reach sales and gain success. It’s important to demonstrate this long-term mentality to your clients, showing them you have their best interest in mind.

#2 Open-Mindedness

The second quality a small business advisor should have is open-mindedness. If you are a consultant in a big firm, you might have to work with clients who aren’t receptive to different ideas. Many small business owners put their life on hold to pursue a dream career, they may not always take advice on this dream kindly. It’s important to make sure they understand you are open to hearing their concerns, but are also analyzing from a more logical standpoint. 

#3 Talent to Ask Questions

A good small business advisor should not be afraid to ask questions. This is how you learn about your clients’ needs and requirements. A good consultant must ask questions instead of assuming and making calls for the business owner. The questions should be asked in a helpful manner and not come off as too personal to the clients. When asking difficult or more personal questions, send a structured request and let the client provide clear answers. 

#4 Proactive Communication

Sometimes you will have to have difficult conversations with your clients. So, it’s important to know how to communicate effectively. Small business owners need to hire advisors with strong communication skills who can provide necessary information clearly and in everyday language. Not only do you need to be able to communicate effectively, but you need to know how to stay in touch with your clients, in a way that works for them and their schedule and business. A competent consultant must respond to clients trying to meet their requirements. Apart from  communication skills and habits, a good business advisor must know how to present themselves; professional, respectful and trustworthy. 

Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a talented journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. From an early age, she was into writing so she decided to make it her career. Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Journalism has boosted her desire to grow as a journalist and currently she contributors to major media publications. Cheryl also runs her blog CherylHearts.com where she shares her opinion on topics trending in modern society.

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